National Security Policy

Dr. Kroenig was a senior adviser to the 2016 Marco Rubio for President Campaign, a senior national security adviser to the 2016 Scott Walker for President Campaign, and a foreign policy adviser on the 2012 Mitt Romney for President Campaign. He is a member of the John Hay Initiative.

He has served in a variety of positions in the U.S. government. From 2010 to 2011, he was a special adviser in the Office of the Secretary of Defense where he worked on defense policy and strategy for Iran. In 2005, he was a strategist in the Office of the Secretary of Defense where he authored the first-ever, U.S. government-wide strategy for deterring terrorist networks. For his work, he was awarded the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Award for Outstanding Achievement. His role in the development of U.S. counterterrorism strategy is featured in the book Counterstrike by Eric Schmitt and Thom Shanker. In 2004, Dr. Kroenig was a military analyst in the Central Intelligence Agency's Strategic Assessment Group. Dr. Kroenig has testified before Congress and regularly consults with with a wide range of U.S. government entities in the defense, intelligence, diplomatic, energy, and lawmaking communities.